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If you are going to relocate or shift to another place, hire Certified Packers and Movers , for safe and fast delivery of Goods.  Certified Movers and Packers in Delhi is the best and most important packers and movers for professional relocation services. Finding reliable and cost-effective movers and packers for home shifting in looking for best PACKERS AND MOVERS GURGAON, DELHI is much easier today. There are large numbers of packers and movers in Gurgaon, companies working all around the country. Choose the right one that offers cost effective and safe home shifting services. We Packers and Movers in Delhi is a unit of the local, certified, and reliable company, provide mostly in home shifting and office relocation. Spelled as "packers and movers Gurgaon" in many countries. It equals top 5 or best 10 company. The abbreviation is "packers" or "movers" in "Delhi". Availing packers and movers Delhi is really easy now. Delhi is one of the top-ranked city in India. Delhi Packers And Movers are available especially for satisfying all the demands of people who are in search of best packers and Movers Company in Delhi. Delhi is so many people also search on the internet like packers and movers in Delhi. If you want to get rid of your tension and to hire local packers and movers in Delhi, then you are at right place. Certifiedmoverspackers.com is the reliable and trusted company which provide you best services. We have the team of expert and highly skilled people. There is several packers and movers services provider in Delhi. and you can set list of movers and Packers Company online and their full information like the website, address, contact number, reviews and ratings. Once you check all the company profile, you will be able to choose good packers and movers who can serve your need also comes within your budget and estimate. We help you to get the best services, you do not have to do much, you can just brief your requirement to us, and we will provide you top notch services. Our services are very essential especially when you are in Delhi. You can easily ask for the free moving quote and get the best deal price and charges. We arrange the goods in a proper order and send to it different places where they are uncovered only under strict instructions of the experts. Delhi is the business city of North India as it has many companies opening their offices and availing the facilities offered by packers and movers in Delhi. Goods to be sent can be stored in the various warehouses situated in the city and then shifted to the requisite destination. We at packers and movers Delhi. packers movers in Delhi, Packers and Movers in Delhi, Packers in Delhi, Movers in Delhi, Providing the packing and moving services like local packers movers Delhi, Car Carrier, Car Transportation in Delhi, movers and packers services in Delhi, Movers and Packers in Delhi, to all India. Logistics services to any kind of relocation, local packers movers Delhi Gurgaon, domestic Packers Movers in Delhi, and other local area likes dlf, sectors, urban, and international certifeid Packers and Movers specializing in high quality packing and relocation of furniture moving, antiques and other valuables things. certified Packer and Mover ensure that Packers & Movers in Delhi charges, best Packers Movers in Delhi, and nearby like Packers and Movers in Delhi, Packers and Movers Delhi, Packers Movers haryana, are best and top services provider in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions – Packers and Movers Deal

1. Why the packers and movers company charges highly on end of month or end of weeks

Answer. Because at the end of month or end of week work load so high and shortage of labour and time for some time manpower are not increase for end of month the staff is fixed according to daily workload. to avoided the extra charges, do the booking in advance at list one week

at the survey time get quotation and fix the time and day of sifting and paid advance token money which   will be less from total amount when work will be done. For tension free shifting I suggested to you booking by Certified Packers And Movers.

2. Why some customer required the closed body container for shifting of household goods

Because safety of goods in rain and fire in open environment from other sources. the house hold goods include highly prices furniture and food items which cannot use after wet. closed container save the goods from theft in the way. some customer for low price ordered open container. after the delivery they get goods are not in good condition.

we provide closed body container which can be locked by customer. I suggested moving or shifting in closed body container.

3 Which Methods Use for Payment in Moving Services.

Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa Card, Online Transfer IMPS, Pay Tm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, BHIM App

4. How customers trace the goods or house hold items location

The customers trace the information of their goods location on the way by docate number by calling official booking number or by vehicle GPS Location which all information getting by customer from company executive.   

all the goods delver within India   in maximum five or seven days. car transportation taken ten days in all over India. When the goods reached on company hub in major city. then the company responsible person call the customer to verifying the delivery date and time. Direct vehicle booked by customer which takes less time.  When goods booked in part load it’s economical and taken more time then direct load.

5. What factor affected cost charges of packers and movers in Delhi.

The cost charges of packers and movers affected by various factor like type of packing medium of transportation distance between two place from which goods want to move types of material use and time which is most important factor effect cost charges at end of month urgent booking is costly.  booking before seven days of moving date avoided the extra cost. cost depend on type of person expert skill.  type of load part or full load increase or decreases cost of packing. place of loading, numbers of person for loading. Method of load by machine (crean forklift) or manpower. weight of goods like under load or over load effect cost of packing charges.

6. How to Know Verified Movers and Packers Company?

When you hiring the packers and movers in Delhi for moving city to city or other state, when Delhi to other state moment you should know the packers and movers company have a valid license or GST Number   you get a GST Number Printed Quotation. You can be verifying GST Number on Govt. GST site GST return fills according to rules regularly then show active GST Number otherwise show deactivated. you should know the address of major hub of company where goods to be load. or know the vehicle registration number, driving license of driver, Mobile number of driver.

Packers and Movers Delhi (Charge, Cost) Rate List for Local Shifting


Cost Of Packing

Charges of Lubor


Transportations Cost


Approx. Total Cost


Rs. 900 – 1,800

Rs. 900-3,300

Rs.1,100- 3,300

Rs. 2,900- 8,400


Rs. 1,300-3,300

Rs. 1,300-5,300

Rs. 1,300-3,800

Rs. 3,900-12,400


Rs. 1,500-6,000

Rs. 2,000-6,000

Rs. 3,000-4,500

Rs. 6,500- 16,500


Rs. 3,000-7,000

Rs. 2,500-6,500

Rs. 4,000-5,000

Rs. 9,500-18,500


Rs. 4,000-8,000

Rs. 3,000-7,000

Rs. 5,000-7,000

Rs. 12,000-22,000


The above mention rate not fixed price the rate is approximately considered these are changes according to time to time and situation of loading point these rate is shown for one day the packing not done in same day if work for next day charges will be extra like labour, transportation.

Office Items Shifting Charges for Packers and Movers in Delhi Will be 4,000 – 10,000

The Complete Office Shifting packers and movers in Delhi will be 7,000-20,000

Certified packers and movers delhi charges for 1 BHK will be 2,900- 8,400

2 BHK for delhi shifting chargers rate and cost will be 3,900- 12,400

3 BHK for Local shifting charges rate and cost will be 6,500-16,500

4 BHK for local shifting charges rate and cost will be 9,500-18,500

5 BHK for local shifting charges rate and cost will be 12,000-22,000   

the cost of movers and packers in Delhi included packing cost, labour cost, transportation cost, packing would be foam sheet cargo sheet air bubble wrap, carton box, plastic caret box.



What we Do ?

With our packer and mover services list you can easily move your household at affordable rates. We have trained and professional staff who help you in packing, storage, transportation, and cheap and free moving quotes. Certified packers and movers Delhi, guide has handpicked the best packers and movers for all types of shifting solution.

Packers And Movers Services

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Packing And Moving
Packing And Moving

Storage And Warehouse Services

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Storage  Warehouse
Storage Warehouse

Office Shifting Services

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Office Shifting Services
Office Shifting Services

Loading And Unloading Services

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Loading And Unloading
Loading And Unloading

Relocation Services

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Relocation Services
Relocation Services

Who we are?

While moving from one place to another, you can contact packers and movers in Delhi who are right up with the best in the business as far as transportation is concerned. We have an impeccable record of delivering products on a continuous basis to the intended destination. Our team of professionals is capable of understanding the different aspect of businesses and provides fast as well as reliable services to the clients. All belongings of personal and commercial categories are handled with utmost care and dedication.

Our Team

Certified Packers and Movers has the team of well experienced and educated staff which in turn help us in providing best service to our customers. We are one of those few in the market who are passionate about their work and providing best services 24/7. We have a well trained staff who knows how to do the packaging and moving work and has the best knowledge about this work in the field. Certified Packers and Movers has laid down the best path in the field of packers and overs all across India. The major part of our investment and energy has been deployed in buying Best vehicles, Tools and kits to pack the luggage of our clients and users, buying best packaging material and other communication making gadgets like mobiles and walkie talkies. Our warehouse and godowns are fully protective from sunlight, rain and has all the necessary measures against fire. Each and every staff member gives their 100% in achieving our main goal and target which is “Providing Best Quality Service to our Customers”. It has always been said that in order to walk smoothly on the road of success you have to keep motivating and appreciating the team and this is what we believe in. We follow a well maintained tiered system and because of this there is no chance of any miss happening in our work.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to cover as many cities as possible in the field of packers and movers by attaining the status of expert in the domain of packers and movers and becoming the best among all just like we have become the best packers and movers Delhi. Our main vision is to become the most preferred and favored packers and movers service provider all across the country and to make sure that the process completes with a smooth transfer of luggage and things from one place to other. The aim of Certified Packers and Movers is to provide customer satisfaction with our services which not only includes packing and moving but also helping our customers and clients to settle in the new city without much problems. For us, customer smile and satisfaction is a must. If our customer is happy with our service then we believe that we have completed the task in a very smooth and graceful manner. We always try to meet all our customers’ demands and needs by providing them the best professional service with many advanced and innovative solutions related to logistics. We believe in providing quality service to our clients and also make sure to improve all our service regularly.

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Important Factors

Important Factors that can affect the cost of Moving: We all know that the goods at your home are an important part of your life. Due to globalization, job switch, infrastructure and better amenities people are moving from rural areas to urban areas. People life have become hectic and they don’t have time to plan and execute there shifting. Here comes the role of Certified Packers And Movers to make your relocation easy. There are plethora of Packers and Movers in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR region. It is pivotal to choose the right packers and movers for your relocation. It is advisable to search some good packers and movers online in your local area. When you move to a new city with your goods, the price of moving your household items is not a flat rate; the cost of your shifting depends on various factors. You should take care of everything when you move to a new location, that cost is very important as by this way only you would decide whether you have to move with all your items, or you would sell few of the unnecessary articles. Distance Distance is an important factor. The greater the distance from your current location to your new location the higher would be the transportation cost. Quantity of Goods to be shifted When we shift, we need our car and other goods to be shifted with us. The size, type and total weight of our vehicle and also the household goods has a direct impact on the total cost of shifting. Timing The shifting industry is on the peak before the summer vacation, especially when the new school session of children happen. That times the cost shifting remains higher. So after discussing all the important factors responsible to price change, you have to plan your relocation smartly. We at Certified Packers And Movers provide affordable relocation services with customer satisfaction.

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Established in 2010, has proved to be a prominent movers and packers consulting organization that advices prospective customers about the existence of warehousing, relocation and transportation options in the region adjoin NCR. If you are looking for the

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